Using technology to unlock potential

Blaze New Trails

Talent is everywhere, but opportunity is not. The most important work of our life is to empower talented young people, anywhere in the world, as they follow their passions and blaze new trails. With our Wanablaze feature, talented young people working on projects can now crowdbuild and push humanity forward.

Explore Knowledge Assets

Access to knowledge assets is key in unlocking potential. We grow and share knowledge assets through our question and answer feature where users can ask, answer, follow and share questions on any topic, granting young people access to vast wisdom.

Extra Predictable Income

Our Wanaschool feature enables teachers to build their own schools on Wana. This presents a new opportunity for any teacher, anywhere, to create a sustainable and predictable source of income. Enrolled students can access Wanaschool resources at their own pace, and can have text-based or video-based one-on-one sessions with the teachers.

Opportunity to Support

On Wana you find teachers, students, parents, researchers, mentors and funders - it's a community of people empowering current and future generations to bend the arc of history. Join Wana today!

We can bend the arc of history

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